The Parrot Of Purpose Sits On My Shoulder -

A Journey With ICT In A Junior Classroom. View this slide share for additional ideas and thoughts.

Tina Donnell

Integrating ICT throughout the class programme. (see slides in slide share presentation above)
It's all about the learning- not the tools.
What ever you choose to use must advance and be intrinsic to student learning- not be an "add on".
Use data projector/ interactive whiteboard etc.
Art- find examples of line drawings- project on to screen- children trace over with whiteboard pens to explore line/shape etc
Beginning of day- put up daily programme with children on screen.
Highlight significant events etc- good for reflection and inquiry.
Habits of Mind Habbits of Reflection
Projecting on to whiteboard/interactive white board with data projector- allows children to see work being modelledand changed as necessary- interactive and collaborative.
Put up weather chart- child add details.
Talking buddies- ice block sticks- names on to sort childrne for activities.
Children in class use Blog for several activities throughout day.
maths Games
writing Children have writing blogs
Also used reguarly throughout the day:
Music- itunes- down load for fast access
Animoto- Art- Kadinski Circles (see blog)
Utube- used for introdcing topisc- discussion- creative ideas- inquiry
The blog helps children to be aware of their learing goals/ be reflective and share their learning with the worls.
parents are emailed to inform them of new postings.
Links on blog inform children and parents of internet safety.
Wordle used for presenting key words etc
Voicethread- used for oral language, getting feed back about learning, collaborating with others, sharing.
Wallwisher - for sharing ideas.
Photopeach- slideshows to present learning activities.
Kidspiration- for organising ideas.
When children write outside on concrete- photos taken- posted in blog- evidence of learning.

Tina's next learning goals-
Investigate and develop eportfolios / use google docs / increase her PLN for further collaboration.