Blogs,e-Portfolios,LMS and Apps-what fits where?

Carolyn Stuart- Tawa Intermediate.

What is ICT? What does it mean for your school.

Tawa Intermediate: A community of confident, connected, actively involved and life long learners.
4 Lead Teachers for ICT- one for each area: LMS, Blogs, E-Portfolios, Apps.
Teams work with each leader - hold meetings, schedule professional learning for staff meetings- everyone knows who to go to for help.
Tawa Intermediate- engage- grow- inspire.
For ICT programme to be successful- needs to be fully supported an managed by experts.
Teachers give up esily if things don't go well.
Single sign on.
Students have access to Web2 tools.- within one web browser- can jump between applications
Use google mail- so as to not clog up school server.
School and individual teachers have calendar- managed by administrator- meetings can be added- interviews etc.
Parents can book interviews on line.
Can embed documents into appointments calendar.
Documents can be collaborative activities.
Forms / surveys etc.
Each week the caretaker chooses and presents a pupil nominated online for a "community award".
Classes have blogs- writing for authentic audience.
´╗┐Sucess criteria for blogs- to provide opportunities for commentry,opinion,response, persuade or express opinion.
Web 2 Tools
LMS- Where Does This Fit In?
Website- contains public part- school policies/ classroom news/ virtual classroom/social networking/ newsletter/ forms/ info/ online enrollment etc
Daily notices are put on site- displayed for students on screen
Students and parents get opportunities to see teacher planning.
Students are provided with models of how to use social networking .
Mahara- e-Portfolios- primary purpose= learning and reflection= not virtual report card.
  • It belongs to the student.
  • e-Portfolio- container to manage the learning journey
  • scaffold for inquiry
  • Reflective blog about their learning and personal reflection.
  • Goal setting
  • Evidence of achievement
  • Showcase of learning
When students update portfolios teachers can receive email to trrack.
Teachers have personal e-portfolio:
  • Container to agregate personal learning
  • Share views of performance/management and teacher relection
  • PD
  • Group forum for professional inqury
  • Links information for later retrieval.- Principal can view teacher's e-portfolio
Advice from presenter- Younger children- class teacher may have common password (not individualised) and assist with inserting work.
Easy to import google docs into other programmes- word/publisher/ powerpoint etc.