Dorothy Burt


Follow the links in the side bar of this very informative presentation about Google tools.
Google accounts- note age required to sign up for account.Google ChromeGoogle search tips:Try first letter of alphabet, (e.g. “a”) / dictionary / calculator/ time/ weather/spelling/ images etcWhen searching for images- set size to large to see clearly.Search line drawings- good drawing resource for artGoogle instant-Wonderwheel
Google Search Stories- literacy activity.
Google Earth- students enjoy seeing where they live/ where they went on holiday etc/ embedded photos
Google Earth Tours- 3D tours / Underwater Tour- California / Great Barrier Reef.
Scribblemaps .com- draw on Google maps with pen.
Google Earth- eras- history
Google Alerts- create a Google Alert- have emailed as sites updated etc- set up when you want the alerts emailed.

Google Apps/ Docs/ Presentations etc

Documents- good way to share-invite people to contribute to document.

Google Apps For Education

Schools can limit what is available for students to access.

Teacher Dash Board for administering .

Google Apps / Blogs etc can be exported and sent to next school.

Google Forms/ Surveys

Google Social Networks