ICT's For Inquiry

Jan-Marie Kellow.

Here is a link to Jan-Marie's Powerpoint she used with her presentation. 10MB

Used with permission.

In this breakout Jan-Marie Kellow presented ideas for introducing students to topics for inquiry learning and places where they can access information.
National Library online collections
Videos/Utube/ National Library Discover Site/Time Frame/ EPIC www.tki.org.nz/r/epic/

Wikipedia for schools- checked for accuracy- can't be edited.
Google Earth / Maps
Panoramio - put photos on map.
Learning Objects
www.yahoo.kids/ (used to be yahooligans)
Kids Click www.kidsclick.org

Ask for Kids www.askkids.com
Cybersleuth www.cybersleuth-kids.com
Ithaki fo Kids www.ithaki.net/kids/

Teach students to find and use key words
Find list of suitable sites for students to visit.
Web Quest Public section of http://www.opoutere.schoolsonline.co.nz
(Thank you Opoutere School for sharing this)
Recommend class wikis to share information.
For lower primary classes- a single class blog is more teacher directed.
Blogmeister= children have individual blogs-teacher gets email when blogs are updated.
Google Docs- many children can collaborate on one document.e.g. from their homes(homework).
Wordle- record main words to present.
Mind mapping
Graphic organisers.

Now what are we going to do with the information?
Why are we undertaking the inquiry?
How are we going to present our information?

Video (flip vieo)

Rubric for self assessment- Rubi-star